Social Media Monitoring – 4 Key Reasons Why It Matters!

  • By Andy Fox

These days, it’s pretty much given that if you want to tap into the thoughts, activities and experiences of your friends; or your customers … you need to look into Social Media. 

With 1.13 billion daily active users in Facebook alone; and Twitter receiving 500 million tweets per day, it is no wonder that nearly one-third of the world uses social networks regularly. 

Social Media Monitoring or call it ‘Social Listening’; it has become an integral part of any Social Media Marketing today. Whether it’s about finding your prospects ‘pain points’, making product related decisions, ‘connecting’ with your customers or for carving an attractive brand image and story - It is crucial for any brands to listen to the authentic experiences and voices of people shared in social media, to meet these objectives. 

So lets get straight into it, here are 5 reasons why Social Media Monitoring is crucial for your brands’ success: 

1. To Reach Your Customers & Targeted Audiences

Social Media is increasingly being the most convenient platform for consumers to go to, in search for answers to any of their product or brand queries. It is imperative for a brand to listen to its customer’s views and engage in a meaningful conversation to accentuate the brand’s image and deliver its marketing goals. 

According to SproutSocial, social media has surpassed phone and email as the first place most people turn to when they have a problem or issue with a product or service. The survey also concludes that the number of social messages needing a response from a brand has increased by 18% in 2016, since the previous year. 

A constant monitoring of ‘brand name’ and product mentions is necessary in order to fetch the consumers’ voices on your products and to effectively communicate and respond to their issues. 

For the brands to stand out and go the ‘extra mile’ in Customer Service or ‘product innovations’, monitoring for consumer sentiments with regards to brand image, product and pricing is absolutely necessary.

2. To Outsmart Your Competitors

As important as it is to know about what your audiences and customers are saying about your products; it is also essential to learn what your competitors are up to - to gain that ‘competitive advantage’. 

Monitoring stories being shared about competitors: what consumers are telling about their products, which is the most talked about brand and how often, how do they engage with their customers, what is their unique selling point etc. can help you gain a lot of insights into their plans and business secrets and help craft your own marketing strategies, to outsmart them and be at the top. 

You can always keep a watch at those competitors and the social platforms they frequent, to collect data about your rivals to harness that ‘competitive intelligence’

It could be anything from learning about their new product launch, an upcoming social campaign or it could be finding out about their mistakes from a disgruntled customer – Keeping a tab at these stories in Social Media can help you anticipate your competitors’ next move and will also support in your decision-making. 

3. To Leverage ‘Influencer Marketing’

Influencers are those ‘thought’ leaders and ‘authority’ figures who have massive following in leading Social Media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.  They carry the power to influence ‘decision making’ amongst their followers and communities within their cherished niche or field of expertise. 

If these popular figures are to say Tweet or post a positive message about your brand or your product within their social media feeds, it is sure to arouse curiosity amongst their followers and encourage them to engage with your brand or the message being delivered – a phenomenon otherwise called as ‘Influencer Marketing’

So, once these influencers are identified by monitoring across all SM platforms, a brand can start extending their hand to build good relationships with them. You should look for those whose opinions matter most to your industry or your preferred business; follow them and engage with them in worthwhile conversations. 

4. To Mitigate Damages, Discover Opportunities & Follow New Trends

For any brand that is treading the ‘jungles’ of Social Media, it has to, at times face with negative reviews or attentions that could be damaging to the brand’s name.

It is simply not possible to keep track of every tweet or posting that is related to your brand and all the time expect a positive response from the people. There are sure to be occasional misinformed, disgruntled or unsatisfied customer which could play havoc to your brand’s name. Also let’s not forget that 36% of people have used social platforms to shame a company for poor customer service

The trick lies in tackling such issues before it grows into gigantic proportions. And that requires constant monitoring and agility – a consistent effort put out by many popular brands which helps to nip the problem in the bud and avoid potential risks to one’s online reputation.

On the flipside, Social Media also comes with an ocean of opportunities. Here the opportunities translates to monitoring social media to  discover the right kind of people; your Targeted Audiences and Buyer Personas whose likes, dislikes, comments and shares resonate with your brand values – you can engage with these prospects, create compelling content and build lasting relationships by offering your products and services.

And above all, monitoring helps you keep up with the trend and discover new ones. From planning your future campaigns to innovating new products, it will also keep you abreast with the nuances of the industry and help carve your brand ‘voice’ to appeal to your preferred audiences.


Social Media Monitoring or ‘Social Listening’ is a necessity that brands of today cannot forego if they want to excel in their marketing efforts and conquer the Social Media. However, only consistent effort in cutting through the social ‘noise’ to harness the relevant data will yield promising results!

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