Useful Integrations


Let’s stick together!!!


Like joining the dots, when you’ve finished you can see the big picture, and the same goes for integrating your online systems together automating all of those time consuming processes. For years we’ve been integrating into a wide variety of Inventory Management System, Websites, CRM Platforms, etc.

What we’ve seen is that tasks like email automation can be made super simple. Other tasks like importing products into your online retail store can be automated from your Inventory Management Software, pushing Invoices back to the accounting package from your webstore. To be honest the Business Process Optimisation possibilities are endless.

One of our clients runs an industry dominating online store that’s managed by one person and two store people.

Their System;

  1. Pushes the products to both of their webstores.
  2. Pushes products to 2 separate eBay stores.
  3. Sends Invoices back to the accounting software.
  4. Automates the freight quoting.
  5. Books freight.
  6. Prints labels.
  7. Give stock and inventory information.
  8. Delivery dates.
  9. Offers Zip Pay and other payment methods.




The list goes on, I think you get the picture. One person runs the whole lot. One touch and the rest is automated.

Here are a few of the Applications we’ve integrated with over the years.