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We are innovative, creative, dedicated and mission oriented.

Element 7 Digital is a dynamic, customer focussed, outcome orientated Digital Agency, working with businesses to enable operational efficiencies, create non-traditional revenue streams and connecting the online and offline worlds in a seamless manner.

The cornerstone to the Element 7 Digital online offering is our own Enterprise Level E-commerce platform. Developed with the latest open source technologies and designed to be more configurable, portable, user friendly and powerful as a business tool.  

What we do;

The way we do things;

Plan:            Develop a plan for the website from the research and learnings from analytics and insights. 

Transfer:    Take the learnings and outcomes from the planning stage. Now we have all the information we need for the development phase 

Develop:     Prototype the site/software, then develop the site in line with recommendations.

Learn:         Start testing and measuring by conducting split tests and analytics and use this data for the planning phase.

Industries we are working with include;

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The following are just a few satisfied clients we have the pleasure to be working with.

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