Application Development


The power of technology is here, ready to free your business.




When one size fits all frustrates the living hell out of you, it might be time to get a custom application developed to suit your needs.

There are significant gains to be made in your business when you can create operational efficiencies through replacing manual tasks with automated tasks driven by your technology.

For Example: Integrating your e-commerce website into your Inventory Management so areas like; stock control, orders, inventory levels and publish to external sources like eBay can all be gained through custom applications.

You may have an awesome idea for a start-up and need a full application created. We have the ability to design and build a Custom Application for you.   

Some of our recent projects include API development for Suzuki Australia to deliver 2.5 million parts to the Australian Dealer Network, through a microfiche type e-commerce system and a customised Hospital Cleaning Compliance tool that integrates with an App for easy use.

To this date we have integrated parts for Suzuki, Honda, KTM and many other OEM or Non OEM suppliers.

We have integrated with multiple freight management tools like Transdirect and Temando and Inventory Management Systems like MYOB Exo and platforms like eBay.

Our process for designing and developing custom applications is;

  • Discover
    Seek out your true online/offline mission. Define what it is that we are  trying to achieve.

  • Design
    Work collaboratively through UX/UI design process, bringing to life the visual side of the project. 

  • Develop
    Prototype the site/software, then hard code the system.

  • Deploy
    After User Acceptance Test (UAT), we deploy to the live environment and follow up with support service to maximise your investment.