Content Marketing


Content is the honey laced paper to catch your customers.


There are times where it can be pretty confusing for companies with all of these buzz words surrounding activities.

So let’s get some clarity.

  • Inbound Marketing is the process of running content driven campaigns.
  • Content Marketing is about the creation, planning and strategy behind the inbound marketing campaigns.

As you would be aware of, 95% of the content created on the web is pretty much white noise. Its sales messages that may not be well crafted or even really not that interesting to the customer, and as a result, may not be adding any real value to the person's life.

Content Marketing and Content Creation are essential keys to the success of the campaign. Therefore you need to think strategically about how you’re going to craft and deliver content.

By creating a persona we can delve into the target customers’ lifestyle, researching the characteristics, worries, concerns and lifestyle of the target customer.

By doing this we get a clear idea of the exact questions and issues presented during the life of the customer. When we’ve discovered this we can then start creating and mapping content to engage with the customer on a personal and meaningful level.

Content Marketing is also about defining who will write the content, when it will be delivered, what part of the buyer’s journey it will be used in, and what stage of the sales funnel and what purpose it will have at these stages. It’s also important to define what content actually looks like, like do you use Video, Blogs, Research Reports, etc.


content marketing


Once the content is created you can look at what platform you’re going to us; You Tube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or another platform of choice. One thing to remember here is that if you use another company’s platform, the rules can change without notice and smash your campaign.         

We can help you with the Digital Strategy, Content Mapping, Creation and Delivery.