Business Process Optimisation


Physical Resources x Technology = Total Wealth.


If business is a sequence of events that creates money, then if we can reduce the number of steps in a sequence for the same or larger amount of money we would say that is maximising profit potential.

Although the above is a bit of a no brainer statement you would be surprised how many companies have process that are in efficient, taking way to many steps or interactions with people to generate money. Usually the excuse is one of 3 things;

  1. We’ve always done it that way.
  2. We had no idea you could optimise the process flow and make more money.
  3. I like to save my way to greatness, I don’t think that a 20x return on my development spend is good value…


Let’s face it we all want to do more with less and run our businesses in the leanest possible fashion maximising profitability. It just makes good sense to do so…

Less Steps + More Automation = More Profit

There are lots of ways Business Process Optimisation can enhance your workflows. The possibilities are endless here are just a few examples,

  1. Integrations of all of your online software reducing the amount of double or triple data handling. Link to useful integrations.
  2. Building a Custom Application (link to page) to reduce the number of steps in the process.
  3. Optimise the process flow and re allocate resources to profit generating activities


These are 3 examples out of many ways to create Business Process Optimisation in your business.

Here is one that I would love to share with you of a client of ours let’s take a look at their before process flow and after the building of a Custom Application.






Before Process:

  1. Input Invoices into an excel spreadsheet.
  2. Manipulate the excel spreadsheet to create a claim file export CSV.
  3. Upload the CSV.
  4. Download the completed report CSV.
  5. Manually reconcile each line in the Completed CSV against the original excel.
  6. Once completed then manually add the Invoice to Quick Books.


After Process:

  1. Input the invoice into the Application.
  2. Export the claim file CSV.
  3. Import the Reconciliation file for reconciliation.
  4. Application automatically pushes the invoice into QuickBooks.


After building a the Custom Application The Business wins were;

  1. In 6 months, the company saved 1800 hours (45 weeks) of work time for the staff.
  2. Staff were re-deployed into marketing functions to generate further sales.
  3. The business is now more scalable.
  4. There was a massive Increase in revenue potential.
  5. It’s the first time in the history of the company there are no invoices in the in tray at the end of the day.
  6. They can now take on more customers, with the same number of people.


When done right, Business Process Optimisation is powerful. It takes pressure off the staff, optimises process flow and increases capacity, and that means increased profitability….   

We’ve been freeing business from the stranglehold of inefficiency for years, and that has generated millions of dollars of returns for these companies.

It makes good sense to get someone in from the outside to spot the process opportunities and then design an application to free up that time. Life was not made to be hard, and with technology, some vision, innovation and collaboration, life can be way easier and profitable…