Branding and Retail Sites


Your brand is all about visual interpretation.





All Element 7 Digital sites are responsively designed ensuring mobile device viewing is super friendly and display perfectly on all devices.

We use our 4 step process to develop all of our sites;

  • Discover
    Seek out your true online/offline mission. Define what it is that we are  trying to achieve.

  • Design
    Work collaboratively through UX/UI design process, bringing to life the visual side of the project. 

  • Develop
    Prototype the site/software, then hard code the system.

  • Deploy
    After User Acceptance Test (UAT), we deploy to the live environment and follow up with support service to maximise your investment.    

By completely understanding why you want build the site, we can create a visual experience for your client while achieving the strategic goals of the company. Goal Funnels and adding Calls To Action in the design are a great way to generate more enquiries, convert sales, as well as brand and image your company.  

Because everybody wants something different, our sites are all customised to fit exactly what your vision is and the functions required. From our standard Brochure Site, to an eCommerce monster, integrating into eBay, Facebook and your Inventory Management System.  

An alternative for more a visionary services type site or an online retail store, we suggest the Growth Driven Design process. Put simply, this means rather than building a website with all the trappings and trimmings, we start with a Minimum Viable Product (Simple Base Site) and then based on customer feedback, we create the site and experience they want from your business. Learn more about GDD here.

Usability is central to all of our designs, making a website intuitive and simple to use with the minimum number of clicks. In our experience we have found that these elements are key to a successful website that generates a healthy return on investment.



Some of the site options include;





To explore your options and let us know what your vision is for building your dream website, contact us.

Less Clicks More Control.

Retail Sites

When it comes to selling anything in a store online you have to have a platform that can grow with your business. Time after time we have people coming to us that have used a site builder or a SAAS type e-commerce system and they have to effectively start again because they can’t get their data out, etc.


These types of platforms are a great way to start your online selling journey.  However after time they tend not to have the functionality or allow the integrations you may require to realise your business goals. That can mean your entrepreneurial journey is halted prematurely and that would be devastating. It makes really smart sense to have a system that is powerful, scalable and adaptable so you can pivot and evolve as the dynamic customer demands shift and change.

We have spent years perfecting our Web Store. It is an enterprise level system with multisite, multi- channel capability and the ability to be integrated into Inventory management systems for superfast minimum click type operation.  See useful integrations here…You can start small and scale it to global domination if you like.

Like you our customers, are out there selling online everyday, have given us super valuable feedback.  We’ve taken that on board and designed a System that works for them, and in the process making millions of dollars…

The online retail selling system is infinitely configurable to ensure a tight fit with your company, your goals and your vision.

The System is designed based around super easy to use and fast management principles.  You can even remote control it from an Inventory Management System.

Some basic features include;

  • Multi store, multi-site, multi warehouse capability.
  • Product duplication for ease of adding products.
  • Simple and easy to use product importers.
  • Variable associations.
  • Custom filters for powerful search.
  • Auto variant creation based on attributes.
  • SEO Optimisation for every product.
  • Image optimisation for every image, maximising SEO search results.
  • Custom eBay settings.
  • Auto export to eBay.
  • Inventory rules to set behaviour of limited inventory or special products.
  • Multi configurable discount system including coupons.
  • Multi configurable freight system.
  • Trade discount capability, multi pricing scenarios can be covered.
  • Freight quote capability for out of parameter shipping.


Some of our clients have integrated multiple eBay stores, multiple sites into the one easy to use admin panel which is then integrated into and Inventory Management System.

We talk a lot about making things easier with Business Process Optimisation (link to the page), and we are proud to say that our online retail selling platform walks the walk..

If you’d like an online Demo to see how the other people are doing it. Click here to enquire.