4 Steps To Creating A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign!!

  • By Andy Fox

Here’s a quick question for you.  What happens when Kyle Jenner posts a photo in Instagram, wearing her new jeans saying, “Obsessed with my new @fashionnova jeans. Get them at FashionNova.com….”? 

If you’re guessing ‘she is likely to collect quite a few likes from the post’, you’re absolutely right. As a matter of fact, the Instagram post has already received 2.7 million likes, since its upload 17 weeks ago! 

How’s that for a marketing campaign? With the help of an Influencer – a reality TV show personality and a fashion icon, FashionNova took its brand/product and placed it right into the palms of its targeted audience, without incurring hefty costs on TV commercials, print ads or other expensive event launches and endorsements. 

Will online advertisements on the same brand of jeans produce similar volume of engagement from the audience/consumers? 

I highly doubt it, especially when estimates say 47% of online consumers use ad blockers, and only 14% of people remember when they last saw an advert and what it promoted.

Influencers, it seems, are the ones capturing everyone’s attention at the moment, and brands are queuing up to put their dollars behind these social icons. 

A Tomoson study claims that businesses are earning $6.50 for each dollar spent on influencer marketing and marketing professionals believe it to be the fastest-growing online customer-acquisition channel, beating Organic Search, Paid Search and Email Marketing

Or consider this, TapInfluence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions (2016) claims that Influencer marketing content delivers 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing! 

I guess the message is quite clear here,  Influencer Marketing will undeniably surge to new heights in 2017 within the online marketing arena, as a major driver for ROIs for businesses around the globe. 

If you’d like to try a hand at Influencer Marketing, here are 5 easy steps to kick start a successful Influencer Marketing Campaign:

1.  Define Your Campaign Goals & KPIs

The first question you should be asking to yourself is, “Why am I starting this Influencer Campaign?” This gets you to define and clarify your purpose of running the campaign. 

The success of your campaign lies in having a clear goal in your mind and specific results you’re looking to obtain from the input. 

Though leveraging influencers will generally give a boost to your brand presence and brand content, a specific list of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), attached to your goals will help track your progress and measure the effectiveness and ROIs of your campaign. 

For instance, your goals could be: Content Promotion, Product Launch, Increase Sales, Content Creation, SEO, etc., whereas your KPIs those smaller verifiable outcomes associated with each goals. 

KPIs such as: Audience reach, click-throughs, social engagements (likes, comments, tweets, pins, shares, etc), total number of sales, leads, qualified prospects, etc. 

Your Goals will be more attainable, if it's laser focused and detailed with numbers, for instance:

  • Generate $40K in additional sales for an existing product.
  • Boost awareness of new product by 40 percent.
  • Drive 100,000 visitors to the new website.
  • Increase Newsletter subscription by 20% by the end of the quarter.

Below fashion/cosmetic brand Estée Lauder partners with Kendall Jenner, for an InstagramMarketing Campaign, with the goal to connect to more youthful demographics:



The more specific you are with your goals, the easier it will be to craft and connect your campaign elements from Influencers to content to metrics!

2.  Determine Your Ideal Influencer Profiles

This is where you need to be extra careful. The Influencers you select should be the ‘right fit’, someone whose image, voice and lifestyle should resonate with that of your brand, and their persona should appeal to your defined ‘target audience.’ 

It could be tempting to fall for some celebrity who has massive following, but what’s the point of having Tom Hanks as your Influencer for fashion apparel targeted for younger demographics. 

Your ideal Influencer persona is the one who has a large and engaged audience, is authentic and active on social medi, upholds the tone, style and intensity that matches your brand and is relevant to your customers. 

S/he needs to be serious about their personal image, should be able to value the attention from the audience, reciprocate their respect and be sensitive towards audiences’ feelings. A study from Digiday actually claims the most engaged audiences are said to be between 10,000 and 100,000 and not in millions.

3.  Select & Connect  With Your Influencers

Once you get the Influencer profile sorted out, it's time to look for those Influencers who are best suited to partner with your brand, product and messages. 

To start off with, you can do a quick hashtag search on social media platforms to see who’s already talking about ‘your kind of brand or product’. Other ways would be to do a keyword research, or to do a thorough research you can use Influencer Marketing Platforms like, Klout, Traackr, Little Bird, and Followerwonk

If you’re looking for Influencers creating content in your niche, then Buzzsumo and Buzzstream tools can help you find those trending articles with most shares and info on the authors publishing the articles. 

Before you go ahead with contacting your preferred influencer, make sure you tick off the following attributes that go with the potential influencer:

  • Has a dedicated audience.
  • Demonstrates similar work history in the chosen niche.
  • Is seen as an expert/authority in the field.
  • Is flexible to adapt with brand messaging.
  • Has an active social media presence and communicates effectively. 

The key to Influencer driven campaigns is that the Influencers should present themselves as someone who ‘loves’ the product, rather than posing as celebrities trying to endorse the product and selling to the audience. 

Your next step is to reach out to those Influencers, who are the ‘best fit’ for your brand/s. You can contact to them directly through mails, more like a sales pitch, a unique value proposition. 

When you craft the email copy, question yourself ‘Why should this Influencer choose my brand?’. This helps to think from their perspective and create a compelling copy. 

Always strive to find a win-win outcome to the partnership. When it comes to incentives for the Influencers, keep in mind there are other factors too, besides cash, that may motivate your Influencer. 

For instance, some would prefer to shape their image, some look forward to traveling and living new experiences (trips, events), some are simply looking forward to increase their audience by partnering with your brand… you need to look beyond the obvious and cultivate a strong and authentic relationship with the Influencers to make the most out of your campaigns.

4.  Measuring your Outcomes

As with all marketing efforts, once your campaign starts running, it should be a consistent practice to assess if the campaign has helped you to meet your goals. 

Every KPI in relation to the campaign goals should be revisited and the metrics analysed. With the results obtained, you can learn, adapt and tweak the inputs as per your needs. 

For instance, if postings in the evenings are generating more engagements from the audience than those in the afternoon, then you may want to increase the posts for the evening time to meet your ‘audience reach’ goal. 

Or, say more audience are responding to selfie stories of the Influencer, rather than normal pics with the products – this data can be used to your advantage and leverage the influencer ‘selfie stories’ to garner more leads. 

A regular monitoring of posts that are underperforming and those pulling in the best results, can help you learn a lot about your audiences and find ways to maximise the KPIs with support from your influencer.

To Sum It Up…

Influencer Marketing is more than just defining and obtaining one’s campaign goals through Influencers. It's about building online assets and vibrant relationship ecosystems that enriches the life of the brand and the lives of Influencers and all the audiences engaged in the conversation!

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