How To Build Your Brand On Social Media.

  • By Andy Fox

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘brand’?

As for me, whenever the word ‘brand’ comes to my mind, I immediately associate it with a product or a logo, for instance; Nike, McDonalds, Tesla, Starbucks, or HubSpot. I’m guessing most of us would do the same.

Along with the logo and image of the product, we could also be instantly recalling the brand ‘tag line’ or campaign ‘slogan’, such as ‘Just do it’ for Nike.

Successful brands such as Nike have immense power over our minds, and their credibility and trustworthiness is deep-rooted within our thoughts and feelings, to the point that just the name of the brand and our association with it, immediately invokes a sense of happiness within us, along with moments of inspiration!

A brand is not just about its logo, product, ad campaigns, slogans, website design, customer service, brand ‘voice’ or its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), it encapsulates all of these elements and more, to portray a certain ‘image’ or a unique personality in the eyes of the consumers. 

As Brian Clark from Copyblogger says, “Your brand isn’t what you say it is … it’s what your customers and clients say it is! It’s a reflection of how your target audience perceive the value and service you provide, for the journey they’re going on.

And where better to start building your brand, than on Social Media (SM), because that’s where you can find 2.3 billion active users from around the globe.

Here are a few more statistics that indicate why ‘social media’ is the ‘go to’ place for brand building:

It’s quite obvious now that to build a strong brand presence, one needs to look into social media being more of a necessity rather than a choice, given more than one third of the world’s population reside on social media.

Here are some examples in which you can integrate when building a brand on Social Media:1.  Choose Appropriate Platforms

With new Social Media platforms emerging day by day, it could be overwhelming as to which ones would you choose to build your brand on.

There’s a tendency amongst marketers to choose as many as they can, or go for the most popular ones. But that would only dilute your focus and could actually jeopardise the brand image.

For instance, if your brand is about manufacturing steel, then probably Tumblr isn’t a great choice for you. It pays to look into the demographic that the SM channel primarily caters for. Tumblr is primarily focused on teens and people in their early twenties. Probably LinkedInwould be an appropriate choice for your steel brand, a more professional platform attracting B2B networks.

Similarly, if you’re a brand that relies more on images, such as a clothing or fashion brand, then Instagram could be your best bet. Or you could equally go for Pinterest.

2.  Create Your ‘Brand Voice’ 

Your brand’s ‘voice’, is basically your brand’s personality. It should be visible in the way you communicate and present yourself on the social channels.

From the language you use, to the images, emojis or hashtags you promote, everything gives out the essence of the values you uphold, shows your unique personality (are you a friendly one, or a formal, serious kind?), and the culture you belong to. That’s your brand voice, which should be in sync with the values and thoughts your user personas or target audience uphold.

However, your voice should also be authentic to your brand. Trying to sound in a certain way, or focusing on certain lingo, just to fit in, can actually be detrimental to your brand image.

An example below is of Taco Bell on Instagram. It shows how Taco Bell is true to its audience (the younger demographic), and expertly crafts its social media posts to reflect that voice:


3.  Be Consistent 

Finding a different description of a business on different social networks is the most confusing for the audience. It only makes the brand less trustworthy, and possibly would discourage engagement.

On the other hand, consistency across all of your social network presence will help visitors form positive associations.

A good way to start this would be to add a consistent image, logo, or brand slogan in all of your social media accounts, right down to the colors of the tie you’re wearing if need be.

The name of the brand, the fonts you use, the logo, the profile picture, everything has to be assembled in such a manner that it’s instantly recognisable. In the long run, when you consistently use the same brand identification, it acts as a ‘symbolism’ for your brand, and your audience will instantly identify you, even if you don’t say a single word. 

4.  Be Visual

As human beings we process images and visuals much faster than words or texts. Posts that include photos and visuals get much higher engagement rates than text-only posts.

Videos can be a great tool to induce engagement, as now most of the popular social media channels such as; Facebook, Instagram or even Snapchat are hosting videos to engage its audience.

Other visual expressions such as profile pictures or ad campaigns should also be consistent with your brand culture and personality. Take Coca-Cola for instance; whether its Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profiles, Coke always maintains consistency in its design and colour.

It uses its classic red and white color schemes across all social channels and uses the same logo/avatar to immediately associate itself with the consumers.

Below are examples of Coca-Cola from its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles, where you can find consistency in colour and design in each of them:

Coca-Cola (Facebook)



Coca-Cola (Instagram)


Coca-Cola (Twitter)


To Sum It Up…

It’s quite tempting to jump on to every popular and the ‘next shiny’ social media channels for your branding purposes. But a thorough understanding of your user personas, the platform that resonates most with your brand, and most importantly discovering your brand ‘voice’ is critical to building a brand on social media which exudes authenticity and authority.

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