The Inbound Playbook

Have you got 5 seconds? For this BlogSpeak introduces you to Mel Robbins and her '5 Second Rule', a rule backed by research, with the intention to help you focus more on your goals and less on your fears.
It's interesting to know that something so small can be so big! How can that be possible, you may ask? Learn more on how to create a Micro-influencer campaign.
Consider this: Kim Kardashian tweets about how she loves the new ‘detox tea’. She also posts a picture of her sipping the tea at her Instagram feed, with the packet of the brand displayed on the side…  Now, if you’re one of the million fans following her on Social Medi...
So you did go ahead and finally buy that new Android phone which you’ve been eyeing off for some time now. And you sure are jumping with joy with your new ‘device’ and proudly showing it to your friends and family… Of course you have your justified rationales as to why you...

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