The Inbound Playbook

What do AirBnB, KLM, Coles and Oreo Cookies have in common when it comes to bringing a human touch to their brand?
Say you’re about to finish work and you get a message from your spouse, asking you to purchase a good bottle of wine on your way home, as a close friend had invited you both for dinner at her place.  On the way, you pull into a liquor store and quickly dash towards the section where a ne...
Frankly speaking, I wasn’t familiar with the word ephemeral, until Snapchat entered my social world with its ephemeral, ‘transient’, ‘short-lived, or say ‘disappearing’ photo messages.  I’m guessing this rings true for most of us reading this post - Sn...
Ponder this! How can a photo, text or video message that lasts for several seconds before it expires, have much to do with delivering any message, let alone work as a marketing campaign?  And what about the stories (photo/video messages), which have a life-span of only 24 hours, before they co...

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