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‘Smart Social Selling’ On The Rise: 5 Brilliant Examples To Learn From.

05 Feb 2018

Did you know that 90% of top performing sales people use social media as a part of their sales strategy?

As per LinkedIn, ‘social selling’ is defined as; “leveraging your social network to find the right prospects, build trusted relationships, and ultimately, achieve your sales goals.” However, just so that we’re on the same page; ‘leveraging social network’ doesn’t translate into ‘aggressively promoting your business on social media…

Instead, with social selling you directly or indirectly influence your audiences’ buying behaviour via the conversations you exchange - Which should be consistently aimed at delighting your prospects by answering their questions, sharing relevant content and providing services and solutions that yield high value for them.

Unlike traditional sales techniques, which focus on short term sales results; ‘social selling’ is more about building trust, credibility and nurturing a lasting relationship. In contrast to ‘traditional selling’; ‘social selling’ today is gaining momentum amongst salespersons as a more preferred way to FIND, RELATE and ENGAGE with relevant prospects and to establish a genuine ‘brand connection’:

Image Courtesy: coldsalesprospecting

It's estimated that more than half of the consumers who follow brands on social media, do so to browse products and inspire their purchases; and given the fact that 5% of B2B buyers and 84% of top or middle management executives use social media to make purchasing decisions – Using ‘social tools’ and leveraging ones social feeds to encourage and influence ‘social shoppers’ to partake in social commerce; seems to be the need of the hour!

Today we bring you five such brilliant examples from brands that are creatively using their social feeds to engage with customers and to boost their sales:

1. L’OCCITANE – Simplifying The ‘Purchase Journey’

Here’s an excellent example of how brands can leverage their social media feeds to ‘un-complicate’ the buyer’s journey.

Loccitane, via its Instagram feed makes it easier for its audiences to shop with a single click – When prospects are saved from the hassle of moving through the sales funnel, needing to click several times and wrestling with on-page searches; they are more likely to convert.

As seen in the Instagram feed below, any interested ‘social shopper’ can immediately avail all the information she needs to make the purchase decision, through a single feed/screen – a ‘one-click’ process can move her to the checkout screen and instigate the delivery process.

2. Au Revoir Cinderella – Using UGC To Influence Purchase Decision

If there’s anything that invokes people to purchase products online is to witness ‘real’ people, or people similar to them (not hired models/celebrities) donning the brand’s products.

Such images/stories exude a sense of ‘authenticity’ about the product and the brand – a much more pragmatic portrayal of the product in a ‘real world’ setting. 

Below, Au Revoir Cinderella uses images from its customers or user generated content (UGC) to showcase its new line of shoes through its Instagram account – This helps followers to accept the brand and visualise themselves in those shoes with much confidence and ease.

3. Realbuzz – The Giveaway ‘bait’

One sure way to engage your followers with your brand and products is to create contests and competitions around your social content.

Contests that announce giveaways and wins; act as instant ‘bait’ for followers and nudges them to spend more time interacting with your brand. These interactions can be nurtured to derive any required objectives, such as boosting your followers; using it as a ‘lead magnet’ or to drive traffic to your store.

Realbuzz below provides similar opportunity, where its followers can simply enter a contest to win a Fitbit ALTA by Retweeting and following the message:

4. LinkedIn – Striking The Right Conversation

Unlike other social media, LinkedIn clearly stands out as a social networking site, engineered to build professional relationships, find prospects and to sell your products/ideas.

However, for ‘social selling’ to take place on the LinkedIn platform, it's not as easy as putting up a compelling image of your product and slapping in a ‘shop now’ button – a well-rounded strategy is required; which could mean anything from optimizing your profile to build your brand; to pushing out regular articles; to making relevant contributions in the LinkedIn Groups and Forums.

The example here is from an established Digital Marketing & Social Media Consultant, Rich Brooks; who started the right conversation and attracted ideal prospects by simply putting out a thought-provoking question in one of his LinkedIn Group: 


5. Twitter Chats – Building Deeper Connections

One of the tools that can work wonders with your Social Selling Strategy is the Twitter Chats. They are essentially podcasts which you can host to engage with your followers and customers, to stir up valuable discussions, provide solutions and to build a loyal community around your brand and ideas.

Madalyn Sklar is one such social media ‘influencer’ who has demonstrated her credibility and thought leadership via her popular Twitter Chat, #TwitterSmarter. Given her credibility as an expert in all things Twitter, Madalyn consistently attracts plenty of clients for her consulting business on developing Twitter Marketing Strategy.

One of her Twitter Chat below generated 2959 tweets from 496 profiles with 150 million impressions:

To Sum It Up…

When the stats say that 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don't use social media – it makes every sense to ramp up your ‘social selling’ strategy and rally your sales team to leverage social media - to engage more audience, attract more prospects and to build a loyal customer base!

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