5 Powerful Listening Tools To Boost Your Social Engagement

  • By Andy Fox

The Salesforce ‘State of Marketing Report 2016’ says, 82% percent of marketing leaders agree that social media marketing is core to their business. Out of which 48% revealed, “Social media marketing is directly linked to our business’ primary revenue source”.  

Now, that does explain why marketing teams are posting more frequently on social channels, but my question here is: Does posting alone, and in higher frequency, translate to ‘more engagement’, ‘more traffic’ or ‘increased sales’ or ‘growth in ROIs'?

The simple answer is, The ‘Spray and Pray’ strategy is not going to yield any tangible outcome, it will only add to the ‘noise’, making it difficult for your content to stand out

Simply punching in your Tweets or flooding your Facebook Wall makes no sense at all, unless you review your analytics. Or in other words, ‘Monitor’ or ‘Listen’ to the Social buzz generated through your content. 

Then only you will know whether you're truly socialising with your audience or not. Are people really saying good things about you and/or your brand, or are they making negative comments? Social listening is vital in understanding these perspectives and pain points of your customers, and equally useful in leveraging ‘Influencers’ or finding your competitor’s next move. 

An earlier survey from Salesforce says, 89% of marketers found ‘Social Media Listening’ to be effective, but only 37% actually listened and 30% planned to do so in the coming year.

Though the awareness level seemed quite high, very few amongst them took to action when it came to ‘Social Listening/Monitoring’.

This could be due to many reasons, including primarily not having the right strategy or the ‘tools’ to execute this seemingly daunting task of  monitoring the conversations and exchange of information - that occur in large volume and great speeds across multiple social channels.

Let’s look into some of these powerful tools which can help us monitor our social conversations and provide useful analytics to engage more meaningfully with our customers and user personas:  

1. Cyfe

Cyfe is unique in the sense that it provides you with the option to design your own custom dashboard to track what you want, instead of tapping into multiple tools to track different needs.


The tool comes armed with pre-built widgets for most social channels including; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.  Monitoring brand mentions, twitter follower patterns, Facebook demographics and plenty more, can be done with this tool.

Besides social media, Cyfe also easily integrates other marketing platforms, SEO tools, and other SaaS tools like; PayPal, Shopify, etc. (click to explore here)

You can sign up for free for this tool, upon which you get 5 widgets for free. If you want take the whole range of unlimited dashboards and widgets, historical data, exports, sharing options, customisations and more, a premium ‘unlimited everything’ version can be obtained under $19 USD on a monthly basis.

2. Social Mention

Social Mention is a free comprehensive tool which allows you to access over 100 social media properties, including brand mentions, keyphrases and interactions.


It can rate your brand’s influence under the following (4) four categories: Sentiment (positive to negative mentions); Strength (number of mentions); Passion (repeat mentions by the same users) and Reach (number of unique users talking about your brand)

Once you type in the keyphrase, and click search, it shows you the links to the mentions. The results pages will capture content up to a month old, but as the tool is not continuously monitoring the keyphrases, a new search should be initiated to receive an update.

3. Hootsuite

Hootsuite has been around for some time now and is still one of the best free tools in the market which accommodates various social channels including; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The tool which is popular for its social media management functions comes with free access to basic analytics with weekly reports including; Twitter profile overview, Facebook page overview and Click summaries.

It's a good start for small businesses looking to indulge into social media monitoring. The free plan allows you to add three of your own social networks. The Pro account is valued at $8.99 per month, which also includes paid reports for: LinkedIn Page Insights; Facebook Insights; Twitter Engagement and Google Analytics.


4. Klout

Launched in 2008, Klout is popular for its scoring system that measures your social media influence on a scale of 1-100. Though the tool has been termed to be inaccurate and of no significance by some, it does help you compare your influence with your competitors.


Courtesy: Brandwatch

The influence is measured as per your brand’s engagement in Twitter. The results can help you gauge what the masses are saying about your brand and get perspectives on what influences them. Thus helping you to adjust your posts to arouse users’ interests and improve your engagement rates.

The tool also allows you to view your most influential Tweets and followers.

5. Twazzup

Twazzup is basically a Twitter monitoring tool, suitable for beginners. All you need to do is provide the name/brand you want to track the shares of, and you instantly get real time updates, i.e.  Top active influencers, top Retwitted photos and top RT links.

With this feature, you can also track for keywords or any mentions you desire and it will instantly show you top 10 keywords and links related to the query.


Courtesy: Woorkup.com

The monitoring is also applicable for any URL shortners like Twitter hastags, Buffer, Bitly, etc. This also allows you to track any posts made without the mention, which would not be visible in the native Twitter client.


There is no prescribed set of tools or a ‘best’ social monitoring tool that your brand should be using. It all depends on a combination of tools that addresses your social marketing and analytical needs. However, it's always good to start with free tools to get a ‘feel’ of your monitoring needs before you venture into any costly premium options. 

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