Videos Are The Future Of Inbound Marketing – 3 Brilliant Examples

  • By Andy Fox

Looking at the current trends in the ‘digital marketing’ sphere, videos seem to be finding sizeable ‘room’ in the ‘marketing strategies’ of businesses… along with equally coveted ‘spaces’ in the hearts and minds of the global population.

Recent studies claim that almost 52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI and including video on a landing page is found to increase conversion rates by 80%!! 

These days, we (well, most of us), prefer to watch a video about a product than read chunks of text describing its features. Today, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others and we find it much easier to learn through educational videos, rather than reading pages of a thick book. 

When the purpose is to learn, interact, communicate, educate or share, an interactive and meaningful ‘face-to-face’ communication has always taken the centre-stage. But with the innovation of information technologies, sweeping changes have been brought about in the devices, medium, interfaces and in also in the way we communicate and consume information. 

It may seem like we've suddenly become more adept at absorbing information through images and videos rather than texts, but actually it’s just that - technology has finally caught up with the intrinsic ability of our brain, to process and absorb visuals much easily than any other forms of stimuli. 

Yes, the brain processes visual information 60,000 faster than text and 90 percent of information that comes to the brain is visual in nature! 

And who better to ‘cash in’ on this unique human characteristic than the marketers of today’s ‘digital world’ - which practically runs on the ‘internet’ and the myriad of devices that people use to communicate with the world. 

Let’s look at some brilliant examples of how brands have won the hearts of their audiences through Inbound Video Marketing Campaigns: 

1.  GoPro ‘Be a Hero’ Campaign – Fireman saves kitten

GoPro, the camera manufacturer with its signature head-mounted camera has been successfully placing its brand identity as ‘adventurous’ and ‘extreme’. 

The brand mostly takes user-generated videos posted by its fans, re-purposes and puts out through its channels – most of the videos fall into the extreme sports category, such as jumping out of a plane or surfing the waves with a head-mounted GoPro camera. 

However, for this following campaign, GoPro took a different turn from its ‘sporty’ and ‘athlete’ persona to more of an ‘empathic’ and ‘heroic’ stance, to intrigue the viewers.


The video features a fireman carrying a ‘lifeless’ kitten from a house-fire and reviving it with an oxygen mask. The 2 minute footage was captured via a helmet-mounted GoPro camera. Adding to the success of the video which went ‘viral’ in YouTube at its launch, the total views as of today amounts to over 33 million and still counting. 

The campaign has been cleverly executed to appeal to a wider reach of audiences other than the brand’s typical ‘extreme sports’ person, successfully pushing the boundaries of the brand’s image.

2.  Apple & Taylor Swift – Treadmill Mishap

Apple teamed up with popular singer Taylor Swift to launch this video campaign on Facebook, which is a testament to how effective storytelling can trigger huge engagement with the audience. 

The short video of Taylor Swift accidently falling off a treadmill while rapping to a song on Apple’s ITunes, has garnered over 18 million views in Facebook.

The ‘genius’ in the marketing mind is here. Falling off a treadmill is something everyone can identify with. Either we have personally been in a similar situation or seen someone who has met with this accident. 

In the video, Taylor Swift falls off the treadmill, but doesn’t stop rapping to the song playing on the iTunes – a hilarious yet a brilliant spectacle which resonates instantly with the viewers… and it ends with the caption “Distractingly Good – Apple Music”. 

The takeaway here is, Apple has taken Facebook, primarily an entertainment and amusement channel and not necessarily a ‘decision-making’ resource for people to spark an out-of-the-box, bold statement about its brand ‘image’ and ‘power’ … all the while making everyone who watches the video nod their heads in agreement and amazement! 

3. Reebok – ‘25915 Days -Honour Your Body’ Campaign

As a continuation to their ‘Be more human’ marketing initiative, Reebok launched its ‘25915 Days’ video campaign, suggesting human lives average out to 25915 days and we should make the most of the body we’ve been given through regular exercise. 

With an inspiring upbeat sound track, the video goes on to show an elderly runner running through the 25915 days of her life in reverse order – to the point when she was just a new born. The message being - if you honour your body with regular exercise you will look and feel younger. So much younger that you may actually reverse your age, and Reebok is there as your athletic foot wear and gear in every step of your journey through life!!

At the end of the 1 minute long video, the campaign dovetails to show a clickable CTA (Call-To-Action), which says, “Calculate your Days” (as shown below).


Once you click on the CTA, you’ll be taken to Reebok’s campaign website which offers users to calculate their remaining days in life, based on location, gender and age.  Here visitors can also share their personal stories on how they are planning to honor their bodies and the days via the hashtag #HonorYourDays and posting a photo to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

The campaign engages the brand with the viewer as the video will cause people to immediately question, 'What day am I on? And am I making the most of the remaining days in my life?' 

To sum it up…

I hope you’re inspired enough to start building your own compelling videos. You can use this Video Marketing Guide from HubSpot to create your own campaigns.

I’d also like to leave you with a quote from a brilliant film maker: “If one wants to reach younger people at an earlier age to shape their minds in a critical way, you really need to know how ideas and emotions are expressed visually” Martin Scorsese 

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