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The Back Story

Wesley Medical Imaging provides clients with the highest quality of Medical Imaging. They have one of the largest selection of Medical Imaging in Queensland, including five (5) offices across Southern Queensland.

Part of the request was to build 5 sites with one central administration system, allowing one person to manage all sites through one Content Management System. They also wanted to show consistency acrossthe look and feel of all the sites and the branding for the network.



We researched what the client‘s needs were going to be, and found the following key areas that needed to be improved in the new site;

  1. Information on treatments provided.
  2. Drive leads for the Doctors.
  3. Educate people on where each centre is located.
  4. What centre’s provided what specific treatments.

We also reverse engineered the analytics and optimised the site and the navigation to suit the age of the customers and the devices they were using.


Starting from the base of the brand style guide we provided a range of designs for the client to choose from. From these we started to craft the user experience and the navigational flow of the site.

wesley medical imaging


Through the development stage we worked side by side with the Wesley Medical Imaging team, allowing for the evolution of the build to be completed. The multi-site system was implemented and then delivered in the Beta form for sign off.



After deployment, the ease of the administration system has allowed Wesley Medical Imaging to achieve their goal of having a single person managing the 5 sites. This saves them time and money.

The look and feel is consistent across all of the sites.

Visit Site: wesleymedicalimaging.com.au


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