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The Back Story

Skills Training Australia (STA) is a registered RTO (Registered Training Organisation), delivering courses covering; Aged Care, Nursing and Health, Community Services, Leisure and Health.

They use the site aggressively in 3 main ways;

Skills Training Australia approached us to re-develop an earlier site we had built for them. The core areas were to build a site that flowed better, converted leads more effectively, and was easier to update internally.



After deconstructing the analytics on the old site we had a great platform to start the process of updating the old site.

By taking the learnings from the analytics and applying what we had learnt from other similar sites, we were able to come up with some innovative solutions to drive sales for the team at STA. 

We then created a strategy, set some goals for the project, and then set about crafting the flow of the site through the process of creating lead generating funnels for the students.


In the design phase we had to be mindful of;

  1. Mobile consumption.
  2. Speed to load.
  3. Search Engine Optimisation.
  4. User experience.

The major challenges were to have the ability to deliver large amounts of course materials and information without blowing out students too early. So we opted for an expanded approach. As the user required more information they could explore further into the site, however at the same time if they wanted to skim the site they could.

skills training australia


For speed of development and to ensure the project was on track, we broke the development into the following several key sections;

  1. Preliminary specification and designs.
  2. Staged development for approval.
  3. Beta version.
  4. Final version.



Since its launch, the site has been continuously evolving, resulting in the generation of 124% more leads for Skills Training Australia.

The key factors driving this increase include;

  1. A funnel approach to navigation.
  2. Call to actions in relevant areas.
  3. Excellent SEO.
  4. Ease of use in multiple devices.


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