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Back Story

Patrolapart are a specialist Nissan Patrol parts supplier, selling and stocking genuine Nissan parts, aftermarket components, 4x4 accessories, mobile fridge solutions, and camping equipment. All of this in addition to second-hand components from dismantled Nissan Patrol models from 1988 on. They have become famous on the web as a ‘one stop shop’ for all things Nissan Patrol.

Patrolapart approached us to create a solution to cope with the increase in online sales and the multi-channel nature of the business. Our challenge was to come up with a solution that allowed one click cross the platform management of parts, orders, pricing, trade accounts and freight management.




We set about researching the key pain points of the project and architecting how we would manage parts across EXO, eBay, and the Webstore and manage the freight through Temando (Freight Management Tool).

A specification document was created for the build covering the following key criteria for the site build;

  1. One click cross platform deployment of parts.
  2. Dynamic inventory levels.
  3. List/delist from web of eBay from EXO.
  4. Images to be managed locally.
  5. Trade and club pricing to be synched on the site to live.
  6. Orders to be imported from webstore and ebay and imported into EXO.
  7. Use Make, Model, Year and engine associations for products.
  8. Freight needs to be booked by the site.
  9. Freight quotes to be provided by the site.
  10. Labels to be printed by the site.



Based on the findings in the strategy we designed the Home Page, adding the highest priority element in the hottest area of the page. Key elements for the page were;

  1. To have a marketing area at the top.
  2. Super easy to navigate.
  3. Be product oriented.
  4. Inform and educate the customer through the blog.




Through multiple stages we used prototyping to validate the process and the process flow would work for Patrolapart and was on target to meet their needs. We worked with the EXO Provider with customisations to the MYOB system.

Once the proof of concept had been validated, we set about building a Beta version of the site for testing integrations and adding of content. Solid testing and feedback loops with the client ensured the end product is bang on specification.


The site was taken live over several days, ensuring each component of the system was working perfectly and that all of the criteria was met.

The result is a site that;

  • Drives Operational efficiencies.
  • Powerfully Integrates across multiple platforms using Temando, EBay,
  • Webstore and MYOB EXO API’s.
  • Workload I significantly decreased.
  • Shipping is optimised.
  • Increase of traffic to the site.
  • Increase Depth of visits.
  • Increase Duration of stay.
  • Increase in conversions of sales.
  • Decreases shipping times.
  • One Point control for the site from EXO.

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