Grounds Maintenance Australia

Ground Maintenance Australia

The Back Story

Grounds Maintenance Australia is a growing business specialising in ground maintenance companies in Melbourne. Core areas of their business are; Turf Maintenance, Landscaping, Grass Cutting/Lawn Mowing, Herbicide Application/Spraying, Garden Maintenance and Property Maintenance. The team at Grounds Maintenance Australia wanted to be able to immerse their prospective clients in the experience of using GMA. So we set about connecting visually and support the premium level of work with complimentary text to explain their point of difference.


We really needed to get a sense of the type of work and the capability of Grounds Maintenance Australia, so we could reflect the same in the visual identity of the site. We also drilled down to unearth the essence of the point of difference. One of the themes continually emerging from our discussions was the creative process GMA used with their clients. So we formalised this I D C, which translates to;

  1. Inspire - creative brainstorming on the desired outcome.
  2. Design - developing a quote, scope, timelines, expectations.
  3. Create - taking the vision and creating a reality.

This theme is now woven throughout all of their marketing materials and relevant sections of the website.


Our team had a great time with the design, with some fantastic images to work with, we proceeded to position the elements on the Home Page and optimise the navigation to walk the customer through the buying experience. Being a relatively new player in the market we wanted to establish;

  • Who they are.
  • What they are famous for.
  • What the key benefits for the customer are.
  • Physical evidence of spectacular results.

From top to bottom we placed the most important parts of the site in the hottest areas of the page. When you scroll through the above criteria you will find the answers are followed by a Call To Action.


Since go live, the site has been performing well with a strong increase in traffic, early analytics are suggesting the average person is moving through the site as expected, and converting goals of sales enquiries for MLT. Visually the site is stunning. The marketing program is about to get started so stay tuned!!

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