Blue City Motorcycles

Blue City Motorcycles

The Back Story

Blue City Motorcycles is a Honda, Suzuki and KTM Motorcycle dealer based in Mt Gambier, South Australia. They came to us with the idea of creating non-traditional streams of revenue and the need to create operational efficiencies. They wanted to combine OEM Spare Parts sales though our online EPC system with our Webstore ecommerce platform and publish the products to eBay. We needed to have vehicle associations, using year, make and model, so customers could filter products by using their make, model and year of their bike. Making it easier and more intuitive for the client.


We studied how Blue City Motorcycles were doing business and could see massive potential and we could unleash that through our web platform.

The non- traditional revenue streams were created through the webstore (e-commerce platform) with a trade portal allowing trade level customers to have;

  • Individual pricing structures (Trade Price).
  • Set up web quotes for jobs they were working on, with a fast convert system.
  • Use of the Online EPC OEM parts finder allowing rapid searching and adding to cart.
  • Combine OEM and Accessory Make model and year search.

Efficiencies were created through the eBay one click to publish system, allowing all of the products in the accessory database to be published to eBay with one simple click.


A responsively designed site was critical with a massive number of tradies using their phones to research and purchase products on the site. The Home Page has been reverse engineered using analytics data from the old site and areas of weakness have been improved.

Areas we improved were;

  • Goal funnels
  • Usability in terms of logical flow
  • Clustered functionality
  • Improved search format


The design challenge for the site was combining data feeds from multiple external sources ( OEM Parts Feeds) and seamlessly combining them into a easy to use intuitive responsive design.

Stage 1:
List all functional elements and cluster them related to the function they perform.

Stage 2:
Add the strategically most important functions in the hottest areas.

Stage 3:
Apply the user stories to the design and ensure they are being achieved

Stage 4:
Craft and refine the design

From concept to coding and then to reality, we tested and refined the design to deliver on the objectives for the site .


The site has been attracting attention for the search connection from the OEM spare parts to the NON OEM parts allowing a more cohesive search and a stronger cross sell upsell functionality. Since go live there has been strong growth in traffic and an increase in conversions of sales.

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