Digital Strategy

So you’ve got the idea of developing your website or evolving it to the next level and are wondering how or what to do with it, or are you just plain confused about how the website should dovetail into the current marketing mix. This is where a solid and actionable Digital Strategy is a must. 

Digital Strategy by its nature is when you can merge the offline strategy and support it with the online environment and combine both to create more powerful focused outcomes.   

Digital Strategy

Core areas to your Digital Strategy should include, but not be restricted to;

Once you have a firm concept of what you’re trying to achieve online,the site can start to be scoped out.

Then the content can be created and the design crafted to suit the look and feel of the brand, whilst being more focused on creating funnels to support the buyers' journey through the website and ultimately result in a higher conversion rate of leads increasing your company ROI.

We always like to start with a ‘Launch Pad Site’ to get a proof of concept, from there, based on monthly meetings you'll be able to evolve the site. As you adjust the site you’ll get feedback on how your decisions compare to your strategy.

The Growth Driven Design Strategy and site build and maintenance looks like the following;

growth driven design

We can help you with a complete or partial Digital Strategy to get the ball rolling, contact us on (03) 5249 5570.  

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