The Inbound Playbook

Artificial Intelligence and Automation is fast becoming an integral part of our day to day lives. This begs the question - Are we being displaced by machines?
Like it or not, Artificial Intelligence is well and truly in our midst, augmenting our capabilities and improving our lives in more one ways than one. We share with you 5 examples to check out.
How many of you are augmented cyborgs? The above question was put to the audience by futurist, Maurice Conti, in one of his Ted Talks, which I happened to stumble into yesterday.  The speaker, who kicks off his talk with a quick brush up on human history, cites how human civilisation has...
Just the other day while browsing the web, a pop up advert on breast pumps covered the bottom right hand corner of my screen. It was quite annoying at first, given that I’m not a lactating mother with a new born.You do get a little frustrated when such product recommendations have little or no...

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