Live Videos: The Future Of Content Marketing

  • By Andy Fox

Not many of us realise that just 55 years ago, the world got to see its first ever live Television Broadcast from the Telstar 1 Communication Satellite. 

The historical moment which took off by beaming poor, black-and-white flickering images, of Statue Of Liberty and The Eiffel Tower was nothing short of a miracle for millions of people watching the spectacle from United States, Canada, and across Europe, right from the comfort of their living rooms

Come 2017, and whether it’s a video-chat with our friends on Skype, Viber or WhatsApp, or streaming of videos and movies on YouTube or Netflix, now the world thrives on communicating through images and videos. And in recent times with Facebook Live and Instagram Live, the craze for ‘Instantaneous’ or ‘real time’ communication is well on the rise … 

Only fifty-five years since that iconic day, today all this is possible from all corners of the world through ‘smart phones’ that we carry in our pockets. A much more futuristic world than we could have ever imagined on the day we witnessed that first live TV Broadcast in 1962. 

As per Cisco, by 2019 80% of all internet traffic is estimated to be generated by online videos. And with the live video streaming market estimated to grow to more than $70 billion by 2021 with 82% preferring a live video from a brand, rather than reading a social media post – It goes without saying that ‘video’ is now the most sought-after ‘Content Marketing Tool’ for marketers looking to up their game! 

Let’s now look into the works of some of the most innovative brands on the planet, who’ve realised the power of branding through live videos:

1.  Buzzfeed’s Watermelon Explosion Stunt

Buzzfeed, a social news and entertainment platform, came up with this quirky but very interesting idea of streaming live video of a watermelon being exploded by using rubberbands. 

The platform chosen was Facebook Live and the video was titled, “Watch us explode this watermelon one rubber band at a time!” 


The live video; though not much of an intellectual spectacle, was compelling enough to be viewed live by 807,000 people from around the world. 


After 43 minutes, the watermelon finally exploded under the pressure of 682 rubber bands, onto the face of two Buzzfeed employees who conducted the experiment. The video which can still be viewed online, has garnered 53,000 likes, 319,000 comments and over 11 million views. A huge branding success for Buzzfeed, and definitely a fun way to make your audience remember you by.

2.  GE’s #DroneWeek

General Electric, a brand known to experiment with new platform and format, used Periscope Live in 2015 and launched its five-day live streaming campaign called #Droneweek

The campaign involved mounting cameras on a group of drones to give a bird’s eye view of their facilities to their audience in real-time. 


#DRONEWEEK, which went live a few times throughout each day with flights and Q&A with GE scientists and technologists. gave viewers a unique perspective on the company’s least accessible facilities where locomotives, jet engines, wind turbines and industrial machinery are made and tested. 

This innovative way of showcasing the ‘GE Story’ was highly appreciated by the audience, with results clocking at 20,000 viewers on Periscope and 15% engagement on Twitter (3 times the brand’s average). 

3.  SpaceX Live Webcast 

A company like SpaceX, that is dedicated to literally ‘reach for the stars’ , also welcomes people to experience and share its many space endeavours. 

The launch of BulgariaSat-1 by SpaceX’s Falcon 9 Rocket from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida in June this year, was made to be a live Webcast for everyone to witness and experience.


The Live Webcast was a hugely creative approach of SpaceX as a brand to demonstrate its product and capabilities in space exploration, along with being transparent and honest to invite the audience to join in and be a part of this incredible feat. 

The launch was viewed live by hundreds of thousands of onlookers, with its current views crossing over a million and more than 670,000 subscribing to SpaceX’s YouTube channel. 

When it’s estimated that 4 times as many consumers prefer a video about a product than to read a sales copy about it, such live product demonstrations, coupled with Q&A sessions to address the queries and pain points of your audience and customers, will definitely add to the trust and credibility of your brand. 

4.  Gary Vaynerchuk – Personal Branding

Most of us know Gary as a serial entrepreneur and an early investor in Facebook, Twitter, Uber and Tumbler, to name a few. And some of us know him as a digital strategist advising Fortune 500 companies through his company Vaynermedia, which is dubbed as one of the fastest growing digital agencies. 

Gary has built a huge following for himself and for his brand by investing his efforts on Facebook Live, Snapchat Stories and Instagram Live. Below, he’s hosting a Q&A on Facebook Live: 


Gary is frequently seen conversing with his audience through his #AskGaryVee Show on Facebook, named after his New York Times Bestseller, which goes by the same name. Gary also invites thought leaders and experts onto his show and does a Q&A where he answers any questions from the audience on entrepreneurship, marketing, social media and everything in between.


Gary believes in the power of live videos and is quite ‘bullish’ on Facebook Live, and he even claims that his clients are spending “hundreds of thousands of dollars” to make videos for Facebook only. 


It’s clear that Live Videos are disrupting the ways in which content is being consumed and shared amongst the masses. If you want to truly ‘connect’, the time has come for brands to be honest, authentic and spontaneous with their audience via interactive ‘live’ videos – the most raw and natural way to engage with a fellow human being!

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