How To Create ‘Authority Content’ That Stands Out And Boosts Audience Engagement!

  • By Andy Fox

Do you ever wonder how brands like CMIHubSpot and Copyblogger always seem to pull in a huge traffic to their site? Or how people like Seth GodinBrian ClarkNeil Patel or Joe Pulizzimanage to build a massive fan following for their blogs and ideas?

The answer is simple. These brands or personalities have been able to establish themselves as an ‘authority’ in their chosen niches through their works, authentic ideas and unique content, which offer remarkable value to the audience!

With over 1 Billion websites, the internet today is awash with brands and people jostling for attention. Over 3 million new blogposts will be published by the end of the day today – yet many never get read…

Creating ‘Authority Content’ or being the ‘go to’ authority that many rave about, is definitely not a walk in the park. A consistent effort in demonstrating the expertise by delivering valuable content is crucial to its success

While it may take a while and much hard work and persistence to build yourself into the likes of authority figures such as Seth Godin or Jeff Bullas, let us start with some key insights that can help you build ‘authority content’ and boost audience engagement:

1.  Competitor Analysis

Before you start thinking about what to write, it pays to know who your potential competitors are. By identifying the most popular blogs in your niche and studying articles written by influencers on the topic, it helps you to get a feel of contemporary topics, targeted audiences, the writing style and other key info such as ‘niche specific jargons’ 

One nifty tool to help you find those popular blogposts is BuzzSumo. If we take the niche ‘copywriting’, the following is what Buzzsumo delivers as the most popular posts:


The free version of Buzzsumo gives you the top 10 most popular posts on the topic, but if you want more you can always go for premium. However, the Top 10 is good enough to give you an idea of which blogposts or which influencers are pulling in more organic traffic and tapping their target audience in the chosen niche; here being ‘copywriting’. 

The next logical step would be to subscribe to the email lists of these popular blogposts and review the most popular articles on these blogposts.

It’s also a good idea to look for content insights in sites like Quora, Reddit and other niche specific sites. Here you will discover what people are most interested in learning and can build ideas on which topics will generate more shares, comments  and likes.

Then you can then make a list of all such specific topics and work on the content from a different angle. 

2.  Narrow Down Your Topic

You are not going to get any traction if you spread yourself too thin. In other words, don’t try to cover too many topics in one post

If you want to build authority, you need to create in-depth, well-researched and actionable content. It’s impossible to do this for many different topics in a single post,  instead zoom in or narrow down your topic to make it easy on yourself.

For instance, instead of covering ‘Health and Fitness’, narrow down to something like ‘4 Easy tips to get six-pack abs in 4 weeks’.

This helps you go more in-depth into the article and find more value for the audience. Another way is to go deeper, here with the ‘six pack abs’ topic you can write on something like ‘post pregnancy six pack abs’.

AnswerThePublic is one such great tool that can help you generate such ideas. Here’s what came up when I searched for the topic ‘weight loss’:


The tool gives you hundreds of topic ideas on ‘weight loss’.  Here you can come up with post titles like:

  • 7 Easy Exercises To Lose Baby Weight After a C-Section
  • 5 Easy Diet Changes To Help You Lose Weight After Delivery

Working on narrow topics will provide more  actionable solutions to your audience, helping your content to be more ‘authoritative’ than dwindling on many topics wiyh a bird’s eye view. 

3.  Write With Substance And Clarity

There’s no point in writing longer articles with no substance. I.e. it’is not really about word count, or sharing as many tips as you can…

Unless you’re someone like Neil Patel who can create immense value and get away with it, even in posts over 3000 words, it can get really hard to come up with one packed with substance, and you may find yourself blabbering and rambling without much weight on your words.

The trick is to bring clarity to your writing by focusing on one simple yet profound idea. Too many superficial ideas cloud and confuse the minds of the readers. Henneke Duistermaat from Copyblogger rightly puts it when she says, “Substance is brought about by the depth of your arguments and not by the breadth of your ideas”.

4.  Give Examples, Statistics And Quotes

At first, it may seem we may not have enough to write, when working on smaller, narrow topics. We could be apprehensive about it being more flimsy and could actually add irrelevant ideas to the content.

But there are ways to overcome this problem and to actually make our content more rich and valuable. One way is to present as many examples as you can on the argument you’re making.

This will make the readers visualise your ideas and assures them you’re not merely talking, but have stories and case studies to substantiate your claim.

Another way is to add statistics to your ideas. Numbers shows you know your field and it immediately makes your content more factual.

The last trick here is to use quotes from experts and influencers. Even if you don’t find any statistics  to back up your argument, quotes from topic experts and authority figures will help you establish your own authority in the process.


To create ‘authority content’ you can always start off by studying and following the success stories of ‘experts’ in the field. With practice and persistence, one can find the right ‘voice’ and the right audience to be labeled as an ‘authority’ in their chosen niche.

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