Growth Driven Design Amortises Cash Flow And Maximises ROI

  • By Andy Fox

Have you realised that your website is actually the most valuable ‘member’of your sales team?

They may have been termed as ‘online business cards’ in the yesteryears, but today, websites are the first place your prospects turn to, long before they even plan to engage with you or even consider doing any sort of business with you.

Estimates say that, by the time a consumer talks to a sales rep, they’re already halfway through their buyer’s journey.   


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Along their journey, consumers are already finding answers to their problems and needs, and have possibly made a few ‘purchase decisions’ to some extent via online research, even before engaging in a sales call. Now, that’s a compelling reason why websites need to attract, provide solutions and convert, way before you actually deliver your sales pitch to the qualified leads.

But we often hear people saying “After paying thousands of dollars, I still have a terrible website”. In other words, it simply translates to “my website doesn’t attract users” or “my web traffic doesn’t convert” or “my website does not give the desired ROI”.

After all, what’s the use of a website if it just sits there with its logo and just displays its product/services, which is pretty much an expensive online ‘brochure’. A stark reality with most businesses, that are still stuck with the Traditional Web Design model.

Traditional Web Design Is Broken… Enter Growth Driven Design Mindset

If you were to look at the lifecycle of a 'Traditional Web Design Process', it normally begins with meeting your Web Design Agency a couple of times, before you actually start planning. Next comes the process of scoping, executing deliverables, strategising and then finished off with loading the content.

This process takes from 3-4 months, to almost throughout the year in many cases, and often exceeds budget, overshoots deadlines and worst of all, no one has any real clear idea if the site will resonate with prospects, drive traffic and generate leads or make any conversions. It's all based on assumptions and guesswork.

And give another 1.5 to 2 years, the same long, costly, subjective, ‘resource-draining’ and ‘painful’ process of redesigning starts again, as the site is virtually defunct and nowhere near to delivering your ROI or business goals. 


Growth Driven Design – A smarter alternative to the traditional design. As opposed to being ‘subjective’, it's a data driven approach in building websites that is dynamic, user-centric, malleable, scalable and agile web-designing process. It's designed to grow and adapt with your marketing and sales goals - to drive massive business growth for your company.

Growth Driven Design (GDD) is a process of ‘continuous improvement’ with website design. It starts off with a shorter launching period of 4-8 weeks and works throughout the year to constantly improve the site based on actual user data, and being in sync with Inbound Sales and Marketing strategies.

GDD Amortises Cash Flow And Maximises ROI

Cash flow is always the most challenging of issues when you’re starting new business. With expenses occurring on a regular basis and if your sales are not climbing up, maintaining a positive cash flow can be a huge draw back and could even cost you your business.

‘Inadequate cash reserves’ is the top reason why startups don’t succeed. They run out of money and grind to a ‘stop’ very quickly due to lack of operational funds. The 'Traditional Web Design Process' does just that, with its massive upfront costs - which will only make things worse for you when your registers are not ringing as per your sales goals.

Imagine having to ‘cough up’ an upfront cost of $1,500 to $100,000, when you’re strapped with money. And to add to the woes, your website in neither generating any leads, nor making any conversions. This is a typical pain point associated with businesses vying for the traditional approach.

On the contrary, the Growth Driven Design approach allows for a payment of a fixed retainer price spread, over the year or any agreed upon amount of time. Usually for the Launch Pad website, which is launched within 4-8 weeks, a fixed cost of $2,000 to $5,000 is the norm. Then a monthly payment of $5,000 is not going to drain cash from your company.

In fact with GDD, you'll not only maintain a positive cash flow and save money on the pricey overhaul of your site, but you'll see improved results driven through ‘Actionable Insights’ obtained through ‘user data’ on a continuous basis.

While the monthly payments allows for a ‘breather’ with your cash flow, the GDD model will be working in parallel to increase your revenue, by optimising every page of your website for better lead generation and higher conversion rate. This continual experimentation and split-tests driven through insights gathered from user data is key to an overall increased ROI, that an agile and ‘progressive’ structure like Growth Driven Design delivers.


A GDD approach is a flexible model, which you can adapt to as per your site’s marketing velocity. Driven by your inbound marketing and sales strategies and projections, you can always choose to work on a reasonable monthly retainer with your Agency, so that a continuous boost in ROI is generated in the long run.

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