5 Examples Of Killer Newsletters To Up Your Email Marketing Strategy!

  • By Andy Fox

Consider this...  No matter how massively social media has evolved into a ‘tool’ to capture the digital marketing game, if you’re looking for a ‘direct’ and a more ‘personalised’ communication between you and your audience/customers, Email Marketing still takes the top rung of the ‘marketing ladder’

Or else, why are people pushing 269 billion email messages every day?

It could well be true that out of 121 emails that an average worker receives in a day, 50% turn out as spam mails, nevertheless, as per Direct Marketing Association, Email Marketing is estimated to yield a staggering 4300% ROI.

When every $1 spent on email marketing, gives an average return of $44.25 and when it's considered nearly 40 times more effective in acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined, it begs to reconsider the common belief - ‘email marketing is dead’. 

And given the stats above, I highly doubt that statement to be true, instead it could get a whole lot better if we craft our emails in the form of compelling newsletters. 

Yes, newsletters are considered to be the ‘smarter’ version of email marketing. 95% of people who sign up for a newsletter from a recognized brand consider the email useful.

How can we then create email newsletters that our customers eagerly anticipate to be dropped into their Inboxes?

Let’s take a look at five such examples of ‘killer’ newsletters that customers willingly subscribe to, and from which we can learn a thing or two

1.  MAPLE – What’s for lunch today?

As a gourmet food delivery service, Maple has its customers enthusiastically waiting for the next newsletter in their inboxes. The reason being is that’s when they’ll know what Maple is serving for lunch or dinner for that day.

In a clever way, every day at 11:15 AM, Maple sends its customers an email newsletter with the title: “Today’s Lunch Menu: [Date] at Maple.” Again in the evening at 5:15 PM, another emails pops up saying: “Today’s Dinner Menu: [Date] at Maple.” 

The newsletter displays the few (2 to 3) lunch or dinner options with brilliant, tantalising images of the dishes for the customers to choose from. 


The newsletters are consistent with their designs and format, and they're sent out to the customers at specific times of the day, which means the customers know exactly what to expect.  Besides the changing food menu, the newsletter gives a pleasurable reading experience for the customers, who even if not planning to order, are still curious to know what’s on the menu.

2.  The Skimm

The Skimm is a nifty newsletter that practically skims all the major headlines that dominated the news around the globe in the last 24 hours, and packs it into a palatable piece of info that busy readers can consume right away.


The writing has been cleverly woven to represent a ‘millennial friendly’ tone with quirky headlines and teasers. The info covers everything from huge political scandals to entertainment gossips.

Skimm, which also comes with an App at the App Store, has cleverly targeted a specific group of audience right from the word choice, illustrations and subheads to make it relevant, personal and pleasurable content for the targeted millennial demographic.

3.  Read This Thing – ‘less is more’

This newsletter ‘Read This Thing’ from Inside.com consists of highly filtered and a ‘super curated’ daily dose of just one brilliant story. The single piece of journalism, which is researched and fetched from diverse topics and sources, works incredibly well with its ‘surprise’ factor – with subscribers anticipating ‘what could be the top story for today’?



Initially the newsletter hosted more stories, but after reader feedback, it just stuck with one per newsletter. Their effort has been well received with the readers, who value the work in distilling the info into one important message each day.

4.  Skillshare

Skillshare represents an online learning community. It is a unique platform offering various paid learning opportunities for classes such as; Introduction to HTML: Build a Portfolio Website, or Food Photography: Shooting at Restaurants. 


The newsletter arrives in the inbox in every two days, announcing the upcoming live sessions and trending classes. This enables the customers to use the services as they get introduced to new courses and it also helps them to gauge what the community is interested to learn from the portal.

Skillshare newsletters brings a sense of community to the readers and a sense of urgency with its various ‘trending’ and ‘join now’ features, keeping them engaged with the course and the community on a consistent level.

5.  InsideHook

Insidehook is essentially a city guide targeted for young twenty-something men, looking for adventure, fun and great tips on hacking one’s life.


The daily dose of this newsletter strikes the right chords with its customers who are up for a humourous approach, (“Check out the title of the September 9th email, “We have an important tailgating announcement”) or ready to take action on a nifty tip (“How to Navigate the Airport at Breakneck Speed”). 

Along with its own articles, Insidehook also delivers a range of selected pieces from around the web. The entertaining and educational/practical nuggets of information are clearly a winner, along with the carefully selected topics to resonate with the mindset and lifestyles of young adult males.

To Wrap It Up…

Before you go ahead and start creating your own killer newsletter, it's essential you understand your goals and how the newsletter will help you to achieve them. Is it to gain more readers, leads, or is it to build a community that recognises and follows you as a thought leader?

What other newsletter formats would you consider for your own email marketing strategy? 

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