5 Brilliant Landing Page Examples To Fuel Your Conversion Strategies!!

  • By Andy Fox

For the digital marketers out there looking to strike ‘big’, I cannot emphasise enough the power of compelling ‘Landing Pages’ in generating conversions for your campaigns. 

If ‘converting audiences into paying customers’, the prime purpose of any Marketing/Sales team, then Landing Pages are crucial milestones in this mix, where visitors are inducted into the next stage, and perhaps the ‘critical’ stage in the ‘Buyer’s Journey’. 

An ‘optimised’ Landing Page essentially drives the visitors to take a specific, desired ‘action’, where all copy and design elements are crafted to make visitors understand the offer on the page, and opt in by clicking the Call to Action (CTA) button. 

The CTA could be anything from signing up for a free weekly Newsletter, or an eBook download, joining to try out the trial offer, or even purchasing a product at a discounted rate.  

On every Landing Page, the visitors are asked to take a specific offer in exchange for their information, such as; name, email address, industry, role, phone, etc.  Once your visitors opt in, that’s when they officially get the title as ‘Leads’… 

Thus they enter into the next stage of the Buyer’s Journey, the ‘lead nurturing’ stage, where the goal is to get the leads to take yet another step forward, to eventually becoming a ‘customer’.

Optimising your Landing Page could mean a lot of things. From writing a better copy, inserting compelling images and illustrations, speeding up page load time, removing distracting links, to shortening the lead capture form.  However you choose to optimise, it has to strike the right balance in design, relevancy and functionality, to compel your visitors to take the desired ‘action’ and convert into qualified Leads. 

Just so you get a clear picture of how effective Landing Pages are, here are a few statistics to prove their worth: 

  • 80% of traffic goes to the top 10% of landing pages (Searchengineland)
  • Companies see a 55% increase in leads when increasing their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 (HubSpot)
  • Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86% (eyeviewdigital) 

Given these statistics may have provided you with good reason to take another look at Landing Pages, let’s go through some of the brilliant Landing Page examples  listed below, that may be of assistance with your conversion strategies:  

1.  Smartsheet – A Productivity Tool

The Landing Page of this SaaS product immediately allows for the visitors to zoom in on the headline that clearly stands out and describes what’s in the offer. 

The layout of copy on the page is clear and to the point, in easy to read small paragraphs, with the background image complimenting the copy, and not getting in the way of the text.  


At the center, above the fold, you can clearly see the CTA button protruding in a contrasting colour to keep the visitors’ focus with the copy ‘Try Smartsheet Free’.  As you can see there are no other navigational distractions that allow visitors to click away from the page. 

Below the button, more credibility is added to the success of the product in numerical format: ‘Over 5 million users. 90,000 Organizations. 160+ Countries’.  Similarly, as social proof, logos of trusted customers (big names) have been placed at the bottom to further entice the visitors to click the CTA button. 

All in all, the Landing Page has been cleverly crafted to convey the required information and the purpose of the page, compelling the visitors to convert easily. 

2.  Neil Patel – The Influencer

Popular blogger and influencer, Neil Patel’s official site hosts this Landing Page, which is right on the money.

The distraction free page urges visitors to move towards the huge orange CTA copy, which keeps the promise and assures readers that Neil will teach them how to grow their business if they opt in for the Webinar: The Advanced Customer Acquisition Webinar.  


The copy at the centre specifically outlines the benefit the visitors will receive, he even cleverly weaves in the exact numbers ‘how to generate 195,013 visitors…’ in bold to subtly show the success his technique has given him. 

The other striking element in the page is Neil’s happy face, looking directly at you. This builds trust, personalises the experiences, and leverages his credibility as a top marketer.

3.  The Khan Academy – Learn Anything For Free

An online nonprofit initiative, Khan Academy uses its home page as a Landing Page to drive its message across.  


One obvious challenge of using a home page as a Landing Page is to keep your audience focused on the benefit/offer at hand, but Khan Academy does this cleverly through its minimalistic design. 

As soon as you land on the page you’ll immediately get hooked to the copy at the centre: You can learn anything. And below that, For free. For everyone. Forever.  It’s hard to look away at such an inviting offer, which stands out exceptionally against an illustrated background of mountain and open skies. 

Here, the page actually caters to three different categories of visitors; the ones interested to learn, those who want to teach, and parents interested to teach their kids, all highlighted simply by different CTA buttons; Learners, Teachers and Parents. 

The simple colour palette used for the elements in the shades of blue, gives a  ‘no frills’ and ‘authentic’ feel to the page, giving much credibility to the non-profit nature of the brand that’s dedicated to ‘educate the world for free’.

4.  CommVault– Interactive Content

As a new trend to capture more attention and drive more engagement from customers, brands such as CommVault are creating ‘interactive’ Landing Pages to boost their conversion rates.  


The storage solution provider has come up with its interactive Simpana ‘storage efficiency calculator’ on its Landing Page to entice and engage the visitors. 

With nifty sliding bars, the page invites users to assess their data storage usage and suggests reducing their data footprint. A CTA button on the right nudges the visitors to download a free customer survey whitepaper to learn more about the software. 

Such interactive elements in a Landing Page are a welcome change from the otherwise static sales centric Landing Pages.

5.  Mitro – The Minimalist Design

The example here is from the password management service, Mitro which makes it ‘simple and clear’ with its minimalist approach.  


With its ‘clutter free’ design, which is modern, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing, Mitro doesn’t confuse you with extra ‘baits, but rather comes with the only one, highly focused and clear offer at the centre with CTA button that says, ‘Get Mitro!’ 

The benefit for visitors is clearly outlined in one compelling copy: The easiest way to remember & share passwords securely. The subtle tints of blue and green with the background are used to give more prominence to the much contrasted CTA button at the centre, which makes the button highly ‘click worthy!’

To Wrap it Up…

Creating a ‘Landing Page’ that is highly optimised for conversion is only possible through constant experimentation and tests performed with variations in its elements and a greater understanding of your visitors need. 

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