Web Analytics/SEO

Making smart decisions for your company is all about having the right information at your fingertips. We help you get all the required web information as all of our sites are fitted with Google Analytics and the data is reflected in our CMS Administration Dashboard.

Our clients enjoy working with us to find the story in the numbers and generating analytics based outcomes.

As part of our consulting arm we set up;

  • Goal funnels
  • KPI’s for the site
  • Monitor conversion rates
  • Insights on Web Analytics
  • Insights
  • Custom reports
  • Month to month comparisons

Our analytics reports can be hooked up with the Google AdWords campaigns, offline advertising and newsletter campaigns for a more powerful insight to your web analytics and marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Getting the edge on your competitor is all about being creative, and that is why Search Engine Marketing has come to the foreground of the web industry.

Ranking higher than your competitors in the search engines is more important than ever.

We as a SEO provider company can help you to:

  • Understand the SEO analysis process.
  • Rank better in Search Engines.
  • Make sure your site performs well for web based search spiders.
  • Manage your PPC campaigns.
  • Increase your link popularity.
  • Analyse your data and generate return on investment.
  • Reverse engineer statistical information to enhance the user experience.

All of our websites are equipped with Google Analytics, unless advised specifically by the client. The analytics package allows the owner to understand the finer points on how users consume their website. This window into the website allows you to refine your website, see the results of marketing efforts and measure the return on investment of your online campaigns.

Latest Works