MYOB EXO Integration

Element 7 Digital has built a powerful MYOB EXO Connector that works as a bridge to integrate your MYOB EXO Installation with your E-Commerce website.

Some of the features that we have build are:

  • Synchronisation of Debtors/Users between systems.
  • Something about Product Synchronisation.
  • Pushing all Sales orders back to MYOB EXO.
  • Advanced pricing based on different roles.
  • Mapping System that allows you to map Custom Fields between Platforms.
  • Leverage Stock Search Templates for Faster Updating.


Integrate and connect MYOB EXO directly to your E-Commerce Website.

MYOB EXO Integration is a feature that will allow you to connect directly between your E-Commerce site and MYOB EXO effortlessly and securely, using latest MYOB EXO API.

  • Eliminate Import/Export by synchronizing all Product, Price, Stock, Debtors and Orders around MYOB and Warehouse (Location).
  • Join user to debtors to create personalized accounts for customer Relationship.


  1. Live Order Management
    Enables you to match order and payment between E-commerce and MYOB effortlessly.
  2. Real Time Inventory
    Enables you to track centralized inventory by matching stock among store.
  3. Specialized Pricing
    Differentiated pricing based on user group and role.
  4. Match Debtors/User Across Systems
    Map Debtor to create personalized Account and Customer Relationship.

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