The Element 7 Digital Web Store is an enterprise level E-commerce system with multisite, multi- channel capability and the ability to be integrated into Inventory Management Systems for superfast minimum click type operation.

Our intuitive designers design around the feedback from our clients and have made our e-commerce system highly configurable to ensure a tight fit with your company's digital requirements.

Features include;

  • Multi store, multi-site, multi warehouse capability.
  • Product duplication for ease of adding products.
  • Simple and easy to use product importers.
  • Variable associations.
  • Custom filters for powerful search mechanism.
  • Auto variant add based on attributes.
  • SEO Optimization for every product.
  • Image Optimization for every image maximization SEO search results.
  • Custom eBay settings.
  • Auto export to eBay store.
  • Inventory rules to set behaviour of limited inventory or special products.
  • Multi configurable discount system including coupons.
  • Multi configurable freight system.
  • Trade discount capability, multi pricing scenarios can be covered.
  • Freight quote loop for out of parameter shipping.

Our design is based around super easy use and fast management. You can even remote control it from an inventory management system.

Some of our clients from Melbourne have integrated multiple eBay stores, multiple sites into the one easy to use CMS for their convenience.

Latest Works