Digital Strategy

Element 7 Digital is all about a strategic approach to helping you compete online. The most commonly asked question from business today is “How do I compete online?”

The digital world presents massive challenges to emerging or incumbent players in the market.

Think of this for a minute;

  • One of the biggest online sellers has no inventory (eBay).
  • One of the biggest publishers in the world has no journalists (Facebook).
  • One of the most researched information searches is created by everyone (Wikipedia).
  • Google produces nothing.
  • Up to 80% of people research a product online.
  • In Real Estate up to 75% use mobile devices to search properties.
  • Apps and the net allow newer lo-cost business models to operate easily.
  • Business structures are disruptive and can easily change the competitive landscape.

For a traditional business this presents massive challenges, the old school way of doing things is gone. Now the normal is multi brand strategies using lost cost defenders and flanking strategies and collaboration with competitors is normal.

Element 7 Digital Strategy brings together the offline and online world and makes sense of how to compete.

We drill down to uncover these things and more;

  • How you should compete
  • Brand message, image, strategy
  • Resourcing, internal structure
  • Environment
  • Technology
  • Collaboration
  • Competitive set
  • Disruptive Ideas
  • Social Media
  • Ecommerce
  • CRM
  • Potential opportunities

The Element 7 Digital Strategy is about protecting the past and ensuring relevance in the future and then bundling it all up in a smart package that delivers on the strategic goals of your company.

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