The Back Story

Suzuki Motorcycles Australia is a Motorcycle manufacturer. Suzuki Australia has a dealer network spanning the country selling Motorcycles, Spare Parts and Accessories. Suzuki approached us to develop an OEM Spare Parts Delivery System to deliver 2.5 million parts daily to ecommerce sites all over Australia. The Online EPC allows the user to use Vin as an identifier or use their year, model and parts section to see a parts diagram and then be able to select the parts from a listing across the page.


Key areas we needed to address were correlating the data so all of the searches returned were accurate, reliable and robust. The system needed to be updateable, deal with super sessions, colours, pricing and be able to be integrated into a wide range of ecommerce systems. We also crafted the API for the system allowing easy access by developers.

Benefits of the System are;

  • Suzuki can deliver parts to a dealer network with little effort.
  • Dealers can list products on their site for sale with no maintenance.
  • Retailers are generating substantial turnover increases.
  • Retailers are creating operational efficiencies when trade customers order online and not ring on the phone, freeing up your resources.
  • Clients are developing new revenue channels.


Design was challenging to allow the ease of use and the performance across all devices, and make the interface as intuitive as possible whilst still presenting the data in the best possible way.


The API was developed and the database optimised to handle the massive number of parts and the server loads of simultaneous queries.


The OEM Online EPC has been a strong tool for Suzuki Motorcycles Australia, increasing sales across the dealer network. Dealers have embraced the System which in returned has given them a non-traditional revenue stream.