Morris Finance is Australian owned and one of Australia's leading Finance Companies, providing Finance, Investment, Leasing and Insurance options to ABN Holders, Individuals, Registered Companies and Sole Traders.

What sets Morris Finance apart is a passion to serve every customer, deliver on a promise to continuously improve in every way including; knowledge, experience, financial solutions, service delivery and adapting to the needs of a dynamic and ever changing market place.

Morris Finance are a dynamic and creative organization who love challenging the norms in their industry, this is a perfect match with our own philosophy. The challenge was to deliver a 2016 modern visual presence online and through the marketing collateral, whilst still maintaining the brand values.


The team at Morris Finance have a strong creative vision of the future in their sector and are proactive in using technology to deliver improved communication, a better customer experience, knowledge transfer and education for the various stake holders.


From the discovery session it was clear Morris Finance needed to have a cleaner, sharper image online with a greater call to action and a navigation that allowed various stakeholders to easily navigate to the ley areas of the site. The marketing team needed greater control of the site design for updating. The mobile view needed to be more powerful and app like in function, with the same crisp design elements and incorporating that wow factor.


In developing the site we chose to use our own in-house multisite CMS with options for banner control on the home page and inner pages allowing easy updates. We used our Newsletter for the sending of internal and external communications to various stakeholders. The Blog was renamed to be News, however the same category driven posting was used.


The Morris Finance site has a slick, clean look and feel and analytics tell us the strategy is working for the MF team. We have received positive feedback from the marketplace about the new brand and in particular how the mobile version of the site looks, feels and navigates.