The Back Story

Aisin Australia's is a Toyota owned company supplying products across the Automotive, Sewing, Leisure and Energy sectors of the market. Aisin Australia has been supplying Ford, Holden and Toyota OEM Parts for many years. In addition to the Oem spares they supply Toyota sewing machines and J- Shower llete a bidet auto wash heated toilet seat.

They came to us to develop 3 sites
1. Aisin Automotive
2. Toyota Sewing
3. J-Shower llete

3 distinct personalities and product offering with a common theme and branding


The design team worked closely with the AISN Team to create 3 separate identities whilst still maintaining the corporate identity. We wanted to have a strong reflection of the product range and a super easy navigation logically walking the customer through the site.

Responsively Designed

Mobile was critical to this overall design strategy, being responsively designed enabling viewing across multiple devices.


The team developed the site using our Element 7 Digital CMS with features like, blog and events allowing communication to customers on a regular basis. Ease of admin is through the site admin which gives direct access to the full power of the platform across all sites. In the future adding an extra site will be as simple as adding a theme and coding in the modules saving time and money.

As the AISIN’s strategy adapts to the environment so too will their web presence.


Since the site have been made live AISN has reported an increase in sales, interaction with users is deeper, bounce rates are lower and the mobile experience is showing a greater depth in navigation. Traffic is up and as a result increased sales on the Toyota sewing website.