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How To Generate Leads For Your Business Via LinkedIn.

27 Jul 2017

When it comes to being connected with the professionals around the world, develop a sales platform or find potential employers, there’s no denying that LinkedInis the ‘go to’ social media tool for millions of people around the world.

As of now, LinkedIn stands as the world’s largest social network for working professionals with a staggering membership of over 500 million (half a billion) people, from more than 200 countries around the globe.

With the acquisition of the social network in December 2016 by Microsoft for a massive $26 billion, LinkedIn has gone through extensive redesigns to help you grow your network, build authority, increase visibility, and identify and connect to new lead sources…

In fact, a study from Oktopost reveals that LinkedIn tops the list as the social media network for generating the highest percentage (80%) of Leads in the B2B market!

Now without further ado, let’s explore few tips to help you generate more leads and drive more customers for your business through LinkedIn:  

1.  Is Your ‘Profile’ Optimised For Higher Connectivity?

Think from the perspective of your new connections – what’s the first thing they notice when you send your request to them or when they explore your profile?

Are they looking at a half-hearted, unprofessional looking selfie with a few words describing what you do? (Which is clearly a huge turn off and most likely they’ll reject your invitation). On the other hand, how about if they see a profile with a great professional looking shot of yourself in business attire and an intriguing biography? – They are sure to dig for more and think of you as a valued member to network.


As you can see in the image above, a professional head shot and a ‘professional headline’, i.e. your job titles; or as in the example, you can also directly emphasise on your core expertise with an impressive summary.

The crux here is – people would like to make sure that you an authentic person, who’s looking for meaningful connections, and not any spam artist with shoddy tricks up his/her sleeve. And to nail that first impression, you need (i) a great looking pic (ii) a genuine/catchy Title and make sure you (iii) Fill out every past job experiences in case the prospects want to know your work in detail.

2. Create A Group & Build A List Of ‘Potential Customers’.

Having your own LinkedIn group is a clever way to build your ‘authority’ within your preferred niche and to generate leads and connections from within the group.

Creating groups is as simple as hovering over the ‘interests’ menu, after which you pick ‘groups’, select ‘my groups’ and then click ‘create’. Then all you have to do is follow the remaining steps on the list to finish off.

Next step would be to add relevant content to your blog - even before you start inviting new members (potential customers) to your newfound group. A great tool to help you with this is Buzzsumo, where you can search for relevant content for your group, for instance if your group is about the ‘manufacturing’ industry, you can find fresh and relevant content to post by searching for the same:

You can rewrite a quick intro to introduce the articles, or find such trending content in your niche and rewrite the content with your own perspective - adding more value to the members.

Once you’re confident on creating a steady flow of niche-related content, it’s time to build your ‘potential customers’ list. This will take some consistent effort on your part, but it is good to have as many as 500-1000 potential leads in your group.

That’s when the built in ‘search’ function of LinkedIn comes handy. You can use also use filters to narrow down potential customers in micro niches. Make sure that the prospects you’re targeting in your industry are more or less on a similar level as you. For instance, CEO if you’re a CEO or CFO, Marketing Managers, if you’re Managers, etc. – This similarity in job roles helps to connect with the group, as they can see immediately how your experience can be of huge value to them.

3.  Engage, Build Rapport, Sell

After you’ve built a sizeable list to work on, you can start sending out invitations for them to join your group – nothing too long, but a simple message that intrigues them to join your group. Only after you’ve successfully managed to bring in potential leads within your group, you can start to engage with them and kick off ‘rapport building’ process.

This is a gradual process of regularly blogging, publishing fresh relevant content, and interacting with your new members – The underlying principle here is ‘use your expertise to genuinely solve their problems’. This could also mean hosting a webinar or Q & A sessions to address the most burning issues surrounding your niche or your members’ queries.

When you consistently and genuinely offer massive value to your group members, in time you will have grown as an authority, a trustworthy source; and as an influencer within your group and the industry you’re working in – enabling you to easily convince and convert a large portion of your group (Leads) into loyal customers.


As emphasised earlier, prospecting for new leads for your business via LinkedIn is not a few days of work, but a consistent effort that could last for months before you can see any tangible outcome. But once you’ve made your mark with a list of professionals within your ‘group’ and established yourself as an authority – conversions will come easy for you.

The idea forward would be to take that ‘success’ and use that experience and credibility to replicate more groups and nurture them to do business with you!

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