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4 Outstanding Examples Of Influencer Marketing Campaigns Boosting Awareness And Engagement!..

05 Apr 2017

Did you know that by 2020 the advertising industry is predicted to lose over $35 billion in ad revenue? And the culprit, it seems, is the ‘Ad blocking’ trend that is growing by an alarming rate amongst desktop and smart phone users on a worldwide basis.

Yes, people are fed up, especially with pop-up ads, autoplaying video ads and online video ads, all of which are found to be most annoying and intrusive. 

No wonder the most popular ad blocking extension, AdBlock Plus has been downloaded over 500 million times, and as per Hubspot Global Interruptive Ad Survey (2015-2016), 70% of people have a lower opinion of company that uses pop-up advertising.

On the contrary, Influencer Marketing is being seen as an effective way to determine your messages are being seen, consumed and remembered.  

Today 94% of marketers trust Influencer Marketing to be an effective campaign strategy, and even though many believe it’s challenging to accurately report on influencer campaign ROI, an independent study of TapInfluence and Nielsen Catalina Solutions (2016) claims Influencer marketing content to deliver 11X higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing! 

Influencer Marketing Campaigns work by tapping into an already existing community of engaged and loyal fans, who trust and follow the influencers (industry thought leaders, celebrities and experts, in their chosen niches) on Social Media networks and online forums. 

It's the ‘digital’ equivalent of expressing ones (influencer’s) opinion, recommendation or affinity towards a product, service or an idea via ‘word of mouth’ – whereby endorsing the product/brand/idea to a huge followers/audience, already predisposed to ‘buying-into’ and ‘nurturing’ the idea of the ‘influencers’; based on experiences built on high level of trust and positive interactions.

Here’s a look into 4 such Marketing Campaigns, leveraging influencers to promote and boost brand awareness amongst loyal followers:

1.  Wear Yellow For Seth – A ‘non-profit’ Initiative

This is a brilliant example of how a small non-profit  organisation was able to garner a huge following and capture global attention, when their humble campaign aimed at cheering up a little boy with a life threatening disease, went viral when celebrity influencers connected to support the cause. 

Seth, a 5 year old boy, sufferes from a rare disease, SCID (Severe combined immunodeficiency), for which he needs a bone marrow transplant. For his second transplant, his parents wanted to cheer him up by asking people to wear yellow for Seth and then post their pictures with the hashtag #wearyellowforseth, as yellow was his favourite colour.

 (Click here for the video)

They filmed Seth’s plea from his hospital bed and promised him to show him pictures of all the supporters in yellow and print them up for his room. 

The campaign which was aimed at receiving some support from family and friends to cheer up the boy, actually went viral within a short space of time, as many social media channels like; Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., and celebrities like Ashton Kutcher shared the campaign to their networks.

Within a few days of the campaign's launch, 97,590 posts had been received from around the world on most social networks, generating a total of 188.2 million social impressions! 

2.  Motorola’s Moto Z & Moto Mods Launch

When Motorola launched their new Moto Z and Moto Mods range of smartphones, they realised their target market of young demographic spent most of their time on YouTube. 

They immediately saw the possibility of using YouTube influencers to demonstrate the unique features of the Moto Z Force on YouTube and developed a ‘YouTube Influencer Program’ to drive awareness around the Moto Z products. 

For the Campaign they worked with 13 influencers across multiple verticals and target audiences to spread the message to a wide range of consumers. With each influencer, they created one ‘partnership announcement’ post, and one ‘hero’ YouTube video featuring a unique use case of Moto Mods and complimented by a few more social posts.

  (Click here to view the video)

Altogether, 13 different videos were created by the Influencers, one of which showed the phone being launched, attached to a 10’ rocket and another illustrating how to survive a haunted high school. 

The campaign garnered 11.6 million views and 38.1 million social impressions, triggering more than 122,000 clicks to, out of which 80,000 were first-time visitors.

3.  Chanel’s INSTAGRAM Product Campaign

Chanel used the social channel INSTAGRAM to build anticipation around their soon to be launched new perfume, Chanel No. 5 L’Eau. 

Popular Instagrammers like Jessica Mercedes Kirschner were invited to their production facilities and flower fields located in Grasse, France to experience how Chanel makes their perfumes. 

Each of the Influencers shared various pics from the tour featuring Chanel perfumes with their followers accompanied by two hashtags #newchanel5 and #chanelgrasse.


The perfume brand also joined hands with popular bloggers like Julie Sariñana, whose post generated over 40,000 likes on Instagram.  


The campaign had generated 1600 unique contents with the hashtag #newchanel5 within a month, along with 1 million likes, and managed to expose the product to over 9 million social media users. 

4.  Lagavulin’s My Tales of Whiskey

The Scottish whiskey brands Lagavulin and Oban created a yule log video campaign featuring Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman, to promote their ‘single malt’ whiskey and make the product more ‘culturally relevant’. 

The actor is featured in a 45 minute long video, where he sits next to a yule log crackling fireplace, sitting entirely in silence the whole time, occasionally taking a sip of his whiskey. Yes, that’s all he does for the entire video! 

                 (Click here to view the video)

The campaign which was followed after a web series, also featuring Offerman, was extremely effective, as it found the right influencer to represent the brand. Nick Offerman’s public persona and on-screen character Ron Swanson proved to be a perfect 'blend' for the product and the audience. 

The idea, with its deadpan humour was a simple one, however extremely effective with the masses, so much so that it won the Shorty Award for Best Influencer & Celebrity Campaign


Have you mapped out the ‘influencers’ who can leverage your product or brand to your targeted audience? Take a look at our previous article on the topic (4 Tips To Leverage Influencers To Amplify Your ‘Audience Reach’) to help you build your Influencer Marketing Campaigns.

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